Top European Destinations For The Over 60s

Top European DestinationsTop European Destinations, Lots of older people wrongly believe their globe-trotting days are over. But children moving out of the family home or impending retirement are great excuses for taking that trip that you always dreamed of.

There are many options for singles and couples over 60 to travel around the world, with coach tours, cruise holidays and African safaris just some of the most popular travel choices.

If you are single or divorced, you might want to consider a coach holiday or organised river cruise through Europe. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals of a similar age.

Cruises don’t have to cost a fortune and coach holidays (particularly those which start in the UK) are great for those who don’t want to spend their retirement stuck in airports.

You don’t have to lug heavy bags across the continent and struggle with language as you try to understand each city’s bus or metro system.

By choosing a tour guide-led holiday, you get to know the sights and customs of a city much more easily and benefit from the guide’s local knowledge of the best places to eat and drink. You will get to see so much more in a short period of time than if you were going it along.

Cities without Streets

Top European Destinations, Combining the cities and lakes of northern Italy is a popular choice among the over 60s. The historic cities of Venice and Verona are both within striking distance of Lake Garda.

Pose for a photo beneath the Romeo and Juliet balcony and visit the famous coloseum in Verona, or take a once-in-a-lifetime gondola ride through the canals of Venice.

Rumah Dijual, Go boating on Lake Garda and enjoy ice cream by the lake, before taking a shopping trip to Milan, or continuing a scenic trip into Switzerland via Italy’s other lakes (Como and Maggiore).

For the more adventurous, why not combine the trip with a visit to the ancient city of Rome and the beautiful areas of Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast?

Top European Destinations

The heart of Europe

Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest – the capital cities of Austria, Slovakia and Hungry respectively – are all located within a surprisingly small, yet diverse area of Europe and, linked by the River Danube, are perfect destinations for a river cruise.

Vienna is full of architectural delights, royal palaces and gardens and museums to suit every interest. Take in some ballet and classical music performances, or browse through one of the city’s 100-plus art galleries.

Castle Hill and the parliament buildings are not to be missed in the enchanted city of Budapest, while Bratislava offers a more intimate experience of central European life.

Top European Destinations

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Magical Croatia

Croatia is among the most popular tourist spots for the over 60s in 2013. Seafood and Italian inspired dishes form part of the famous Croatian cuisine which is an integral part of the country’s culture.

Zagreb, the capital, the historical coastal city of Dubrovnik and the ancient Roman ruins of Split are just some of the highlights.

Top European Destinations

Costs and Insurance

With so much on offer, it’s not surprising that, according to the Telegraph newspaper, over- 60s are the biggest spenders when it comes to holidays.

Considering the age bracket involved, travel insurance is part of the equation and should not be overlooked. Over 60s insurance could be a tricky product to buy. You can find options and other details on over 60′s travel insurance here.